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The classic video game series comes alive in this officially licensed board game version! Based on the award-winning video game, you'll explore Shadowgate, the Living Castle, discovering relics and spells and completing legendary quests. Compete against other players to piece together the fabled Staff of Ages – It is only then will you be able to confront the Warlock Lord, fulfill the prophecy, and be crowned High Lord of the Westland!

2-4 players
Ages 14+
60-90 minute playtime

1 Game board
4 Player mats
9 Character tokens
15 Magic tokens
15 Trait tokens
2 Lock tokens
55 Item cards
3 Staff Item cards
10 Puzzle Item cards
10 Djinn Riddle cards
1 Djinn Token
48 Quest cards
7 Energy cards
20 Death cards
1 Torch marker
6 Custom Dice