Rising Sun

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Warring clans struggle for control of provinces in Feudal Japan; however, a conflict is not only won on the battlefield. Diplomacy and alliances will play a large part in winning the war.

In Rising Sun, from the acclaimed team that brought fans Blood Rage, players enter a fantastical version of Feudal Japan and control different Clans with unique abilities. They will engage in combat, make offerings to the Gods, and form and break treaties. After three hard fought years have passed, only the player who earned the most victory points will win.

3-5 players
Ages 14+
90-120 minute play time

1 Main Board (Map of Japan)
7 God Tiles
30 Coins
5 Clan Screens
10 Colored Clan Tokens
5 Clan Alliance Tokens
30 Bushi (Samurai) Figures (6 Per Clan)
15 Shinto (Monk) Figures (3 Per Clan)
5 Daimyo (Warlord) Figures (1 Per Clan)
8 Monster Figures
20 Strongholds Tokens (4 Per Clan)
10 Ships Tokens (2 Per Clan)
9 Political Mandate Cards
24 War Tokens
8 Numbered War Tokens
5 Two-Sided Reference Tiles
1 Rulebook