Escape the Dark Castle Scourge of the Undead Queen

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Gorging on the castle’s unending supply of tortured souls, the Undead Queen calls to her service the corpses, skeletons, and spirits of the depths. If a prisoner should fall at the hands of her inexhaustible armies, all that awaits is an eternity of
agonising undeath…

Along with fifteen new castle locations, and a new boss, this expansion for Escape the Dark Castle introduces an entirely new mechanic to the system – Companions! Companions enter the quest via event cards and temporarily join-up with he prisoners to assist in their escape. Each Companion is a powerful ally, but their presence is often fleeting so players must choose carefully how and when to call on them.

15 chapter cards
5 curse cards
3 character cards
1 boss card
3 character dice
1 cult dice
1 rulebook